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04/06/2024 | Mirjam Glessmer

Teaching for Sustainability Showcase 4/6/2024

The final meeting of the course "Teaching for Sustainability" at LTH tried out a new format: We invited critical friends from across LU to join us as critical friends for presentations and discussions, and it was an inspiring afternoon!
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18/03/2024 | Mirjam Glessmer

Liberating Structures: Methods for “Including and Unleashing Everyone”

The structures we use for discussions have an influence both who speaks and who gets heard. Using structures where everybody is included and where ideas can be evaluated independently of who had them contributes to a more inclusive environment in which a wider range of perspectives is considered and solutions are improved. Here are two examples of such "Liberating Structures"
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08/02/2024 | Mirjam Glessmer

Recommended Reading: “Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement and Cultivate Classroom Equity” (Tanner, 2013)

Teaching for sustainability does not necessarily mean that we explicitly address content or skills related to sustainability. It can also, or additionally, mean that we teach in ways where we invite all students to participate and to personally connect to the topic. Here is a summary of an article (very much recommended reading in the original!!!) that gives 21 easy tips for how to do that
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